Tips on how to earn more

Prepare for a great day!
Check the weather forecast

A good day for delivering orders starts with making sure you're ready for it. Check your city's weather forecasts and make sure you wear the right clothing for the temperature outside and rainproof clothing if it's raining in the city at the time (the Wolt summer jacket does the job). It may take more time to properly prepare for the weather, but you'll thank yourself for it later in the day!

Checking the weather forecasts will also let you know if you are likely to encounter slippery roads in the city at that time, and if you should be more cautious when crossing bridges or open spaces in windy conditions. When wind speeds are stronger than 25 km/h or 7 m/s, you should take extra care.

Charge your mobile device or external battery

Before you hit the city streets, make sure your mobile device is ready to serve you and help you deliver orders throughout your day!

It's also a good idea to carry a power bank or a car charger with you to ensure that even if your mobile device runs out of power, you won't have to remember the addresses of restaurants, shops or customers, and you can recharge it to keep your business running!

Stay safe!

Remember to stay safe while delivering orders. Since you spend most of your operating hours on the road, you need to pay close attention to safety. There are some basic precautions you can take to stay safe. Obey the rules of the road, use your mobile device safely, and make sure your vehicle and equipment are in good condition.

While driving a car
  • Keep a safe distance

  • Obey traffic lights, road signs and speed limits

  • Be aware of other people, cars, cyclists and scooter riders

  • Do not use your phone while driving

  • Wear your seat belt

  • Do not turn where it is not allowed

  • Do not park your car in restricted areas

While on a bicycle, a motorbike or a scooter
  • Wear a helmet

  • Be considerate of other people, cars, cyclists and scooter riders

  • Keep a safe distance from other vehicles

  • Obey the rules of the road and follow road signs

Why is wearing Wolt gear important?

Wolt-branded jackets are included in the default gear set. We highly recommend you wear them as it helps restaurants and customers recognize you faster - this is very important during busy times. Also, it will save you time and allow you to earn a bit more by completing more deliveries each hour!

Wolt clothes can be easily washed in the washing machine in the same way as your everyday clothes. We recommend you use a sports laundry detergent. In case your Wolt clothing gets damaged or broken, request an exchange from us - it is completely free!

Delivery modes

You can choose what delivery mode to use - single task mode or bundle task mode. To change the delivery mode, open your Wolt Partner App and go to Settings - Delivery mode.

Single deliveries

In this mode, the app will only offer you one task at a time - there will be no grouped orders, so you will only have one order in your bag at a time. When you receive an order via the app, you can also choose whether to fulfill it or reject it. You will be able to accept the order until the timer runs out. When the timer expires, the order will be rejected automatically. Alternatively, you can reject the order by clicking on the Reject button.

This mode gives you a choice, but your revenue may be lower when using it. Please note that if you select the single order mode, you will not be able to plan/select the exact time of disconnection in advance in the app.

Bundled deliveries

If you choose the bundle task mode, you have the opportunity to earn more by delivering grouped orders, i.e. two or more orders at the same time. You can also pre-schedule/pre-select the time when you want the app to stop offering tasks and automatically go offline.

Once you have received a task, you also have the choice of whether you want to accept and deliver the corresponding order or not. You can accept an order until the timer expires. Once this ~60-second timer expires, the order will be rejected automatically and you will no longer be able to accept that order, and it will be assigned to another courier partner.

Perform the best, earn the most!

Down below are some tips and tricks on how to increase your earnings. Perfect deliveries lead to awesome customer experiences and to new orders which ultimately means more paid tasks for you!

Peak times and hotspots

Peak times are the busiest times, meaning that customers order the most during those time frames. During Peak Times e.g. 10:00–13:00 or 17:00–20:30, it’s possible to make even 3–5 deliveries per hour. Also, during these peak times, we have increased peak time fees, which allow you to maximize your earnings.

Hotspots are areas that have more orders. To increase the number of orders you get, it’s wise to stay in or near the hotspots - there is a higher chance to get the next order faster.

Also, it's a very good idea to be online at the very first and very last hours of opening - our customers love to order early breakfast or place an order just a minute before closing. There are not many couriers online at these times, so it is your chance to get more orders and earn even more!


City center, Mustamäe, Kristiine, Lasnamäe and Viimsi areas


City center and Lõunakeskus


City center


City center


City center

How to behave in a venue?
  • Make sure you take the order of the customer whose name you see on your app.

  • Don't forget that both you and the venue can see the order number. This can also help identify the order.

  • Check the number of items in the order in the case the bag is not sealed.

  • If the order is not marked as ready, wait for it outside.

  • Be polite!

  • Feel free to ask questions and clarify information with the venue staff.

Remember and understand that a rushed order or an incomplete order costs fuel and time and decreases the service quality. Our goal is high quality and happy customers who order more and more.

How to avoid mixed-up orders?

A mixed-up order is an order that the customer receives instead of the order they placed.

Imagine waking up on a Saturday morning and wanting only one thing in the world - a burger with fries and a fizzy drink. A few clicks in the app and you're on your way to rest, knowing that the restaurant has already started preparing your order. When you hear the doorbell ring, you run to pick up your order, only to run into a problem - you didn't get your order, and instead of a juicy burger, you've got a set of salads. Disappointing.

How our platform is affected by mixed-up orders?

  • Our customers who choose to place an order via the Wolt platform are disappointed - this situation may result in the loss of a customer.

  • More than one customer is usually affected by a mixed-up order. A customer who has placed an order that has been delivered to someone else will also have to wait for the venue to prepare it once more and for it to be delivered again.

  • Mixed-up orders are not cheap and as a result, we have to compensate not only the disappointed customer but also the restaurant and another courier(s) who have to deliver the order.

Check your order before leaving the restaurant!

Did you know that most of the time when an order is mixed-up, it happens while the courier partner is still inside the restaurant?

To avoid that, check that the customer's name or the order number is written on the bag and it is the same as you see on your screen. If the restaurant has not marked the order, do not be afraid to ask them about the order you are ready to pick up. It is also important to note that there may be cases where two customers with the same name place orders at the same time. Only by working together, we can ensure that you leave the restaurant with the correct order.

Be careful when delivering in bundle delivery mode!

When delivering orders in bundle delivery mode, courier partners often have more than one order in their bag at the same time. In such cases, it is important to remember that the order of the deliveries is not necessarily the order of the pick-ups. That means you might have to first deliver the order you picked up last, and then the order you picked up first.

When you pick up an additional order while you already have one, make sure that the two orders are separated in the bag and remember which order should go to which customer. Before handing over the order, double-check that the customer's name matches the name on the bags or boxes.

Before handing over the order, confirm the customer's name!

When you reach the address of the customer, remember that you can take one extra step to confirm with the customer. Say hello to the customer, and ask for their name. This will also help you to see if you are delivering the right order!

How to avoid damaged orders?

The bike bag comes with a partition and a drinks holder. The car bag is designed for both hot and cold dishes.

To keep your orders at the right temperature, venues try to separate drinks from warm food. You can avoid spillage of drinks or damage to the order by placing the drinks in the beverage holders and keeping the bag upright. Also, when you carry your bag, try not to shake or jiggle it, and try to keep it properly stored or placed on your shoulders.

What is a no-contact delivery?

As a part of our COVID-19 measures, customer orders might be set to ❌NO-CONTACT-DELIVERIES❌

Always check the delivery notes for drop-off instructions and exceptions.

For no-contact deliveries:

  1. Leave the delivery at the customer's door.

  2. Knock on the door or ring the doorbell (Tip: with your elbow) and take a minimum of 2m distance, if possible even more.

  3. After confirming that the customer received the food, leave right away and mark the order as delivered.

How to deliver age-restricted items?

As customers can order alcohol and other age-restricted items on the Wolt platform, it is important to make sure that the person receiving the order is of age. If you see such kind of a notification on your screen like is shown on the right, please be ready to ask for ID.
In case the customer has chosen contactless delivery, please ask them to leave their ID outside the door, for example, and check their age. If they are of full age, the order can be delivered. If the person happens to be underage, please do not deliver the order to them. Inform support and kindly ask the customer to contact support as well. In case of any issues, for example, the customer refusing to show their ID, please contact support straight away.

How to go offline at the end of the day?

You can use the "Go offline after current tasks" function in the app. Our app will set you offline after all the currently assigned orders have been delivered. This way, you can plan your time perfectly and avoid any problems with your orders being delivered.

We also remind you that when Wolt courier partners receive an order, we give them the option of accepting it or rejecting it - so you can also feel free to log out of the app if your order is rejected.

You can also schedule yourself offline. That way, you can set a time you want to go offline and once the time is reached, you will not be offered any more orders. Once all your deliveries are completed, you will be automatically set offline.

We recommend that you leave feedback when you go offline - every comment you leave is carefully reviewed and your feedback is very important to us!

When will my application be reviewed?

We have to keep a healthy balance between the number of active courier partners and orders to ensure we have orders for everyone. We get a lot of applications as more and more people know that being a Wolt courier partner is the best secondary job ever!

We are reviewing all the applications in the order they are sent. That means in a first in, first out method, with no exceptions. Currently, the waiting time is longer - please be patient. We will reach out to you as soon as we have room for you on the team! Even if the application is rejected (for example because of a missing permit), we will let you know about that. If you have no response from us, it means only one thing - you are still in the queue, and your application will be reviewed as soon as possible.

How to deliver large orders?

We offer to our courier partners, who are actively online and use a car or a van, to deliver large orders. Large orders are usually heavier and may contain many items. As these orders can be heavier and might be more difficult to deliver, we pay an extra fee for these orders and it is paid on top of your earnings for the order.

If you want to deliver large orders, please, write us at

What happens if my gear gets damaged?

No worries, sometimes it happens! In case your bag’s heating element malfunctions, the zipper gets broken, or the gear is just too worn out in general, we advise you to change it. In order to change the gear, contact support. In case the zipper acts out and does not move freely, use lubricant (WD-40), it really helps a lot.

NB! Gear exchange is completely free.

Where are all the orders? Why do I get tasks with a huge pick-up distance?

If the app states that the demand is high and you are not receiving any orders, it’s best to move to a hotspot area.

The system always tries to find the most suitable and the nearest courier to the order. If you are getting long-distance pickups, it means that the nearest couriers are occupied. Getting late pickups can mean that the restaurant is either late or that no other courier has accepted the task, in which case we highly recommend taking the task so the order can be delivered as soon as possible.

Please note that we also pay a pickup distance fee, so it really makes sense to deliver these long pick-up distance orders as well! 

What happens if I can not find the customer?

While delivering orders, there are times when you can't find a customer and their address. We would like to share with you a few tips that we believe may help you if you encounter such situations.

  1. Review the address the customer has provided on the order again: there may be additional details that could help you.

  2. Take a look at the comments section. Often customers leave an additional comment which can help you find the customer's address.

  3. Call the customer. Our courier partners have the possibility to contact the customer by phone through the Wolt Partner app.

  4. If the customer does not pick up the phone, and you can't find the address - contact our Support team. They will let you know what to do next.

In addition, below is a translation of the main words, which customers usually use in their address details in Estonian and Russian:

  • Korrus - Этаж - Floor

  • Korter - Квартира - Flat/Apartment

  • Värav - Ворота - Gate

  • Uksekood - Код от подъезда - Door code

  • Tänav - Улица - Street

  • Hoone/Ehitis/Maja - Строение/Дом - Building/House

What happens if the customer is not responding?

If you arrive at the customer’s address, and they are not responding to the calls, doorbells, or knocking, please contact Support. They will contact the customer from their side as well and give you further instructions.

Do not leave the customer’s address without letting support know. If you have another order with you and the current customer is not answering, please let the Support know and wait for their further instructions.

Do I have to pay for the delivery damage or missing items cost?

The answer is that in most cases, no. Accidents can happen to everyone, and we do not usually charge our courier partners for that. However, the damage can result in getting a note on your courier profile.

We always ask you to deliver the order carefully and check all the items in the order to ensure nothing goes wrong.

If anything happens to the order, please inform the support about it immediately. If you have reached the customer's address, please inform the customer as well and advise them to write to support.

What is a note and what does it do?

A note is made to the courier partner's profile to document a situation. For example, a courier partner can get a note for being impolite and unprofessional, not completing an order, or damaging the order. The notes are being analyzed by the courier team. It can happen that after getting a note, you will get a reach out from the courier team to gather more information about the issue to ensure the highest possible service quality we want to offer to our customers.

Why can't a picked-up order be removed?

If you mark an order as picked up, it can not be removed by support. It’s not that they don’t want to remove it, but they simply can not, as the system does not allow it. The reason behind it is that we send a notification to the customer that the order is already on its way to them and this is why it is important to be extremely careful when marking orders as picked up. An order should be marked as picked only when you physically have the order with you.

Why can’t I mark orders picked-up or delivered earlier?

Marking an order picked up earlier than it really is, sends a notification to the customer that the order is already on the way. If, in reality, the order has not been picked, it creates a false impression and quite a lot of confusion. To the customer, it also seems that the order has been in the courier’s bag for a long time. This can lead to the customer being upset and worrying about the quality of the food.

The same goes for marking the order as delivered earlier. The customer gets a notification and starts to look for the order. Please mark the order as delivered after the order had been handed over. In case you mark the order picked or delivered earlier, please inform support, so they can inform the customer.

NB! Please note that orders marked as picked up can NOT be unassigned!

What is a cloned order?

Sometimes support will message you that a specific order is a cloned order. This means that the restaurant can not mark the order as ready in the system. Usually, support will give you information on how long the cloned order will take or if it is ready to be picked up. We use cloned orders if something was missing or damaged, so we can send the order again to the customer.

If there is a tip for the cloned order, the tip will be shared between all the courier partners who deliver the order.

Asking for help

First try to find an answer to your question from this website - there is a high chance that what you are looking for is already here. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, reach out to us. There are 3 ways to do that:

Support chat

Support chat is a quick way to get help as they answer within a minute. During busy times, the answer can take longer, because you are answered by real people, not robots. But don't worry, you will always be answered.

Support will help you as much and as quickly as they can and it is best practice to write to them in case you have any issues or questions regarding ongoing orders.

That means you can ask for support’s help with things such as:

  • Not finding the location of the customer or restaurant

  • Not being able to reach the customer

  • Changing your phone number and email address

  • Accidents (damaged food, traffic accidents)

  • Issues with orders

There is more to the list, but those were just the main examples. When contacting support, please be very precise about your issue and give as much detail as possible.

Calling support

Support can be contacted via phone call as well. Please note that the calls are meant only for emergencies. If you call support, please state your name as your contact information might not be saved.

Support can call you as well. That means that there might be an urgent issue. Please answer the call as soon as possible, as the issue could be time-sensitive.

Courier team

The only way to reach out to the courier team is via our email Please use the same email address which you have linked to your courier profile. You can check it from the app by clicking on the three stripes in the upper-left corner and then clicking on your name.

Contact the courier team in case you have questions about your contract or you want to change it, want to give us feedback, change your bank account or have any payment-related questions.

The courier team will usually answer within 5 working days.