Which contract type to choose?

Contract types

You can choose between a Natural Person contract and a Company contract. Differences in the fees depending on contract type can be found here.

NB! Always fill all the details in contracts in Latin characters! Write your name in the contract the same as it is written on your ID or working permit!

Natural Person contract

Courier partner is registered in the Tax office Employment Registry (EMTA) with a contract under the Law of Obligations (võlaõiguslik leping). That means you are not an employee of Wolt, but our partner.

Wolt pays income tax, unemployment insurance premium, contribution to funded pension (if a person joined the pillar), and social tax.

The gross amount of your earnings is shown in the Wolt Partner app. Courier partner receives the net amount to their personal bank account after all taxes have been paid by Wolt.

Company contract

The company, under which the courier partner is registered, will receive the gross amount in the company’s bank account. The company is then responsible for correct tax and salary payments. If the company is VAT registered, 22% VAT is added to the payout. If you expect to earn 40 000+ EUR in one year, you have to be VAT-registered.

If you use the LHV Entrepreneur account (LHV Ettevõtluskonto) please choose and sign a company contract. The gross amount will be transferred to the LHV Entrepreneur bank account and 20% income tax is deducted automatically. Wolt doesn't pay social tax and other taxes in this case.

How to fill out the contract for the LHV Entrepreneur account properly?

If you want to get your payouts to the LHV Entrepreneur account, please choose the Company contract to sign. Enter the following details into concrete fields:

  • Company name: LHV Ettevõtluskonto

  • Registry number: your ID code

  • Address: your actual contact address

  • Member board: your name as it is written on your ID or working permit

How can I change my contract?

To change your contract, click on the button.

Fill out the form, and you can sign a new contract for a company or natural person. If this is done, please inform partnersestonia@wolt.com and attach the newly signed contract. You will get a confirmation from there once the contract change has been done.

Please note that we can change contracts only at the beginning of a payment cycle (1.-2. and 16.-17. of each month). However, you can send a contract to us anytime.

Where can I see my current contract?

To see your contract, you can log in to hellosign.com using the same email address as registered on your Wolt account. The contract is also sent to your email address when you sign it. You can therefore search for it from your email inbox with the keyword “Hellosign”.

How to change my bank account number?

To change your bank account number, please send an email with the new IBAN and BIC codes to partnersestonia@wolt.com. We will make the change and let you know as soon as it is done. Please, write us with the same email address you are using in the Wolt Partner profile. In case you send us your new bank account after the payout has been done in the Wolt Partner app, we can not send the current payment to the new account. In case you want to change your company's bank account to a natural person account or vice versa, you need to change your contract in order to do so.

What are the valid permits to become a Wolt Partner?

You need a valid permit uploaded to the system for you to start delivering as a courier partner in Wolt. Most recent information can be found on the PPA page.

If you would like to start, you would need to send us a photocopy of either:

1) an EU passport or ID card;

2) a valid residence/working permit issued by Estonian Police and Border Guard Board;

3) a valid registration of short-term employment (LTR) - NB! Only possible with a company contract with the same company that you have the registration with!;

4) proof that you are a management board member of a company which is obtainable from e-Business register. NB! Only possible with a company contract with the same company that you are the management board member of!

D-visa is not a valid permit to start as a courier partner!

PS! If you arrived in Estonia from Ukraine on 24 February 2022 or later, you have the right to apply for temporary protection. Read more from the website: https://www.politsei.ee/en/instructions/information-on-the-war-in-ukraine/temporary-protection-for-ukrainian-citizens-and-their-family-members. To apply for temporary protection, you must go to the service office of the Police and Border Guard Board. You have to book an appointment in advance at https://broneering.politsei.ee.


Residence permit

EU ID-card or Passport

Proof of being a management board member

D-visa is not a valid permit!

Will I be registered in the Estonian Tax and Customs Board's registry?

All courier partners that have a natural person contract, will be registered in EMTA (Eesti Maksu ja Tolliamet) with a contract under the Law of Obligations (võlaõiguslik leping). NB! Registration in EMTA prevents you from getting or continuing your unemployed status in Töötukassa!

Changing your contract type from natural person to company leads to your record in EMTA being removed. The same happens in the case of termination of your natural person contract.

If you want to delete your record from EMTA, please write us at partnersestonia@wolt.com. Please note that it will only be possible in case you want to terminate the contract or change the contract type to a company.

This registration will be made after we approve the contract.

How can I terminate my contract?

In order to terminate the contract, you should first notify the courier team about your wish at partnersestonia@wolt.com. We will then begin the contract termination process.

The first step in terminating the contract is to return the equipment that is in your possession. After you have returned the equipment and our partner has confirmed that the equipment has been returned to us, we will return your deposit to your Wolt Partner account (NB! The deposit will only be returned if it was withheld when the equipment was received). We transfer this deposit to your bank account as the last payment.

The contract is considered terminated when the equipment has been returned and the deposit with all the yet unpaid fees has reached your bank account. If the deposit is added to your Wolt Partner account between 01.-15. the deposit reaches the bank account no later than the 25th of the same month. The deposit returned between 16th and the last day of the month reaches the bank account no later than on the 10th of the following month.

In the case of natural persons, we count the date of the last payment as the date of termination of the contract, and as of this same date, your employment registration in the EMTA register is also terminated.

PS! It is not possible to complete the EMTA employment register entry until the last payment has been made to you.