What will you be paid for?

How delivery tasks are priced and shown on Wolt?

Each order will have its own calculated task fee that is paid for delivering the order. The calculation takes into account a lot of different factors that are related to the order, such as distances and capabilities.

The distance is calculated via the shortest navigator route. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that the shortest route is not always the fastest route.

If the app offers you an order, you will see the task fee before accepting or rejecting the order.

The fee you are shown already includes all the factors taken into account such as distance fees (both pick-up and drop-off) and capability fees.

Tips and bonuses are shown in the app after the order has been marked as delivered.

You can track your earnings in the Wolt Partner App.

The payout page has a good summary of all the necessary details - time, date, name of the venue, and the task fee.


Bundles enable you to deliver more orders and increase your earnings.

With a bundle, one courier can perform two (or more) deliveries at a time. This means you can maximise your earnings while decreasing the time needed and the distance covered for each delivery.

To enable bundle mode, open the Wolt Partner App, go to Settings and choose  Delivery Mode - Bundled Deliveries. You can only change this setting while you are offline.

Venue lateness

From time to time, venues can be late if they are overwhelmed with orders or if something happens. If a venue is late, we advise you to contact support and have the order unassigned if the order is late. However, if you choose to wait for the order, you will be compensated for the wait. The waiting compensation starts from 15 minutes of the venue being late, meaning if you arrive before the estimated pickup time, you will only be compensated if the venue is late 15 minutes after the estimated pickup time. If you arrive at the venue and the restaurant is already late, you will be compensated only if you physically wait there for 15 minutes.

NB! Compensation will be assigned only in case you stay and wait for the order. If you ask to unassign the order, compensation will not be added. For canceled order, compensation for distance and wait time does not apply.

Please contact support about lateness, so they can have a look at the situation and assign you compensation, if applicable.


Challenges are a fun way of motivating and at the same time rewarding our courier partners. In order to receive the bonus for a challenge, a certain amount of orders has to be completed in the set time frame. Challenges are created strategically, each challenge can be completed in the said time frame and no exceptions are made. If you don’t complete the challenge on time, no bonus will be added. Please note that the challenge end time is with a second accuracy. 

Usually, challenges are run on an ad-hoc basis, and we are notifying about them via the Wolt Partner App - keep your eyes on notifications, if you do not want to miss an opportunity to earn more!


As a Wolt courier partner, you can choose between two contract types - a company contract and a natural person contract. More information about contracts and their tax differences can be found from the contract page.

NB! All your earnings in the Wolt Partner App are shown in gross amounts.

Natural Person

Choose this contract if you would like to partner with us as a courier partner directly and not through another company. With this contract, you will be registered in the Estonian Tax and Customs Board employment registry with a contract under the Law of Obligations (võlaõiguslik leping). Wolt will pay all the required taxes from your earnings and you will receive the net amount to your personal bank account. Wolt pays social tax on top of your gross earnings. No additional actions are required from you.

To calculate your earnings with the natural person contract, we advise you to use this salary calculator

With the natural person contract, you can also apply for a calculation of basic exemption of up to 654 EUR per month. In order to do so, download this template as a Word document, input your data and send it digitally signed to partnersestonia@wolt.com. Please note that you have to be registered as an Estonian taxpayer to apply for it.


Choose this contract type if you would like to partner with us as a courier partner through a company. With a company contract, we will pay the gross amount to the company's bank account and it is then responsible for correct tax and salary payment.

If the company is VAT registered, we add 20% VAT on top of your earnings.

LHV Entrepreneur Account

If you want to use LHV Entrepreneur Account, you need to sign a company contract.

We will pay the gross amount to your LHV Entrepreneur Account and 20% of income tax will be deducted automatically by the bank. Wolt does not pay any other taxes for you in case of LHV Entrepreneur Account.

When do I get paid?

With Natural Person contract, payday is twice a month!

All your work that is made between the 1st and 15th of the month gets paid out latest on the 25th of the same month.

All your work that is made between the 16th and last day of the month of the month gets paid out latest on the 10th of the following month.

The payment will arrive 10 days after the end of the payment cycle, as we need time to process the payout in accounting.

With Company contract (OÜ, FIE, LHV Entrepreneurs account), payday is up to four times per month!

The payment cycles for company contracts will be:

  • 1st-7th of the month

  • 8th-15th of the month

  • 16th-22nd of the month

  • 23rd-last day of the previous month

For each payment cycle, the payout will be made the latest 7 days after the payment cycle has ended!

If you have any unexpected delays or some issues with payments, reach out to us by writing to partnersestonia@wolt.com. Please use the same email address you have linked to your Wolt Partner profile.

On-Demand Payouts

On Demand Payments mean that you can access your earnings in minutes after completing a delivery.

Key points for the new feature:

  • You can withdraw 70 % of your earnings instantly. A minimum balance must remain in your account for technical reasons, but we aim to increase the instantly available share in the future.

  • In one week, you can make one transfer.

  • The money you have not withdrawn will be paid out to you in the next weekly payout cycle.

  • Your feedback is crucial. Please share your thoughts to help us refine the program.

☝️ Please note that transfer limits and minimum balance requirements are set for the beginning phase to test all tools. These limits may change at some point in the future.

Payment delays

Sometimes the system does not catch up to real life events as quickly, meaning that delays in payments can happen.

Payments for tasks usually appear with up to a 15 minute delay after the task is completed. Tips, however, may appear after a few hours. In the unlikely event that the app does not display your earnings after 24 hours, please contact partnersestonia@wolt.com.