How to make changes in your profile?

How can I change my email address or phone number?

You can not change your email or phone number by yourself. In order to change these details, please contact support and they can help you with that. It’s mandatory to use an active and reachable email address and phone number in case we need to contact you. 

How to change my bank account number?

To change your bank account number, please send an email with the new IBAN and BIC codes to We will make the change and let you know as soon as it is done. Please, write us with the same email address you are using in Wolt profile.

Can I become a large capability courier?

Partner, who delivers actively using a car or a van, can apply to become a large capability courier. If you want to become a Large capability courier, please, let us know via email so we could assess your situation.

Can I change my vehicle type?

If you want to change your vehicle type, please let our support know about this. You can not change your vehicle type yourself, and it is super important to have it changed in the system. The vehicle type selected determines the orders you get. For example, a car courier may get orders with distances longer than 6km, meanwhile, the maximum distance for bike couriers is 2km in air distance. 

NB! Changing vehicle type in Wolt Partner App changes only the preferred navigation method in your selected navigation app!