Estonian language courses

Language courses are not only an opportunity to learn a new language, but also to get to know a culture and its people better. Offered online, in classrooms or through workshops, these courses cater for all levels of language proficiency, from complete beginners to advanced learners who want to improve their skills. In today's globalised world, language courses are not only a learning endeavour, but also a step towards broader horizons - for personal development, career advancement and fostering international relations.

To fully integrate into the local community and avoid misunderstandings, it is recommended to learn Estonian. This may seem a bit difficult, as it is certainly not the easiest language. However, there are many courses and online resources to help you master the language. It is also worth learning it if you want to stay in Estonia for a longer period of time. There are several institutions offering Estonian language courses and we would like to share with you some useful links to help you find Estonian language courses: