Does Wolt offer insurance?

As a Wolt courier partner in Estonia, you have free personal accident insurance which is paid for by Wolt.

If you end up in an accident during any time you're online on the Wolt Partner app and 30 minutes after you have completed the last delivery on the platform, the insurance provides you coverage with:

  • medical expenses, if you need to see a doctor or go to the hospital

  • hospital stays

  • certain serious injuries

  • permanent disability

If you deliver with a motor vehicle, you still need the mandatory motor vehicle or traffic insurance required by law. The Wolt insurance will still provide you with cover once you are outside your motor vehicle.

You will be registered with the insurance provider within 1 week of receiving your gear.

To file an insurance claim, just go to the Insurance section in your Wolt Partner app and click “File a claim”. The claim will be handled by our insurance partner.

To learn more about what is covered and to what extent, please read the Q&A through the ‘’Learn more button’’ in the app

Wolt insurance

Health insurance is only active if your payouts in the previous month were above 654 EUR gross as a natural person courier.

Let’s make an example. If both payouts in December (10.12 and 25.12) are together above 654 EUR you would have health insurance starting from the 10th of the following month as the 10th of the month is always the date when the state register gets updated. If your payouts in the following month are less than 654 EUR gross you will lose health insurance from the 10th of the following month.

Why 654 EUR? With 654 EUR gross earnings, Wolt will pay a minimum of 215,82 EUR in social taxes for you to the Estonian government. 215,82 EUR in monthly paid social taxes are qualifying for health insurance from the following month. The amount that is accounted for 654 EUR is the total earnings within one calendar month.

Estonian health insurance